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Elaina "Deva" Proffitt Author Afterlife Speaker Intuitive Spiritual Counseling   

Author Afterlife Speaker Counselor Psychic  Grief and Loss

Elaina Deva Proffitt Author Spiritual Counseling 

Grief Loss -

Families of Violent Loss - 

Law enforcement Bereavement  


Since her Near Death Experience

in 1986 she has had a large Grief and Loss Practice using her abilities as a strong medium and has worked in conjunction with those in deep physical and emotional pain also with traditional therapists and medical professionals since 1986. 

 Finding her healing abilities enhanced since her NDE she also works with those who are in Hospice using her abilities to help soothe. 

The Psychic Detective

Best of Coast to Coast AM - 1/23/18

                                                                           "I loved listening to you about your Near death Experience and it gave me hope I will see my Grandmother again."

G. S.

Los Angeles California

"An amazing show! Fascinating listening to how she first learned to do this kind of work. I love her voice. "

Sherie Reno NV

The Best of Coast to Coast AM

George Noory and psychic Elaina Deva Proffitt discuss her work as a psychic medium, and how she has used her Powers to help police solve crimes, including the case of a serial killer.

Thanks Bryant! You Inspired Me. 🙏💜 Am Grateful.for this Award.. "Held-up to hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, the people below have been picked personally by me, as exceptional and valiant leaders of the almighty powers of the indomitable human heart; examples to all, of courage, and true love without judgment. Brave enough to be broken, yet to continue to share their tenderness. I feel all of you. Please get to know these fine people."

~Bryant McGill
"THE GYPSY DEVA Human Spirit Award"

"As  a lifelong skeptic concerning all things paranormal, I can’t explain what Elaina Proffitt does, but  I have seen it work. And I’ve seen others who are difficult to impress stop and listen. She is the only psychic in my long experience who good veteran detectives who I’ve known not only don’t dismiss, but seek out and welcome her input. Mention her name to investigators she’s worked with and you’ll get nods of approvals not eye rolls  Readers of this book will learn why. They may also find themselves inspired by her life’s journey and impressed as I am about where it has led."

Ed Pearce

Senior Reporter

KOLO-TV Reno, Nevada

Looking for a needle in a haystack a missing person

Lot's of little girls read 

Nancy Drew books and wanted to be just like her. Little did I know  I would become Her"

© May & Lilacs are  Blooming                                          Elaina Deva Proffitt Author


restoring balance includes; physical, emotional, mental, your surroundings and spiritual energies.(This does not replace a Medical Doctor)

Since her Near Death Experience

in 1986 Elaina Deva Proffitt  has had a large Grief and Loss Practice using her abilities as a strong medium and has worked in conjunction with those in deep physical and emotional pain also with traditional therapists and medical professionals since 1986. 

 Finding her healing abilities enhanced since her NDE she also works with those who are in Hospice using her abilities to help soothe. 

As a respected Spiritual "energy medicine practitioner" for 30 years she has worked with those in all walks of life and beliefs using her spiritual gifts; clairvoyance, emphatic abilities and her deep insight regarding to how to use life's cycles of time that we are all given. Empowering Sessions

Known as the "Teacher's Teacher and the Healer's Healer "World Traveler and has lived in Paris France and Mexico City


As a wellness practitioner, 

She enjoys sharing her NDE with Health Care Professionals on dying and her pain control techniques that she became of aware of while going through this most mysterious event.





Spiritual Counseling

Elaina Deva Proffitt 

Deva Soul Therapy 

Afterlife Communicator

Speaker Workshops

NDE Counselor

Chakra Balancing 


"Truth sometimes is more interesting than Fiction when you write." Elaina, takes the reader on a journey into her life that reads like a movie and her playing many roles. Her near death experience topped the list. She shares her journey to the Other Side Into a beautiful light that would enhance the Spiritual gifts she was given at birth. 

"Yes there is a Heaven"

One time, while watching her Grandmother place each of those purple blooms into the vase I suddenly calmly told her, "When I die it will be in May so I can have Lilacs at my funeral." I did not know how prophetic those words would become years down the road or the meaning of those Lilacs, which would transform me in the years to come with one of the most powerful experiences in my life!..
She is an Author, Speaker and International and Nationally recognized Clairvoyant, Medium medical intuitive. Since 1984 she has a high profile clientele and is an Afterlife Spiritual Counselor, specializing in Grief & Violent Loss Counseling and Law Enforcement Bereavement. Post traumatic death.

"Lots of little girls read Nancy Drew Mysteries and want to become her. Little did I know who and what I would become"
-Elaina Deva Proffitt
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What every you need to focus on 

We will do it. 


Clarity Sessions 


In these times we all need to find more understanding as to how to handle the events that are arriving creating uncertainty and pain. Sometimes we just need to step back and see and feel things from a new perspective. Fear is nothing more then not knowing once you become aware of what is happening you then are empowered and can walk through the confusion and back into the light of clarity..

If you would like to have clarity about an issue or upcoming changes then contact with the days and times you are available to book a phone consultation including your email address and phone number and we will make a time

All Sessions must be Paid Prior to Appointment

Custom to focus on a variety of things and people

Please Contact to discuss your needs and for the Pricing regarding sessions

or traveling to your location.All Sessions are Private and Confidential.  


Near Death Experience

Yes there is a Light!

Keep Going! 

Excerpt from the Book

"They can tell you it is only because the brain is shutting down, the powerful anesthesia and drugs, but in truth you are undergoing an Out-of-Body Experience Stepping into another dimension some call Heaven.

Even Now, my rational reasoning mind still has a hard time still has a hard time assimilating the experience.

I understand that this is quite common for those who have had a NDE and find it hard to share this event fearing it was just their imagination, but at the same time they have a deep lingering feeling, a knowing, that something very real happened."

I had been dying in agony for 5 months while continuing to work in a world filled with murder, pain and prophecy. The powerful “gifts” passed down to me as a clairvoyant healer, medium and psychic detective had been used not only for others, but now for myself. Angelic intervention was working daily in my fragile life.

Archangel’s have always been near me but now even more. I had a strong sense that part of me did not belong on this Earth...as if my life straddled two different worlds. Now those prophetic words spoken to my grandmother as she places lilacs in the crystal vase were about to come true! “Grandma, when I die I want it to be in the month of May, so I can have lilacs at my funeral”

Now, on the table in the OR I could not fight anymore. ...
 It's May & the Lilacs are Blooming 
One foot on Earth and One in Heaven 
  © August 2017 

"Many of us now..are emerging from the in between..

We have arrived at the next door..a portal that will take 

us to the next direction upon our path and those 

who will walk with us   ©2014

-Elaina  Proffitt 


ॐ मणिपद्मे हूं, 

Please Note: 

This does not replace your Medical Doctor or Traditional Therapist

Working with your Doctor and restoring balance using stress relieving tools 

allows the body to focus more upon the body mind heart.